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Welcome to Peacock LTD!

When Peacock first opened in the 1970's it was a grocery store. The store was located in the middle of federal and state forest lands and powersport enthusiasts who rode in the area started stopping by in search of parts and accessories, or last minute service help. Eventually, visitors created enough demand that Peacock owners…
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Lake County ORV ordinance was updated on April 1st, which allows ORV's to ride the far right side of the maintained portion of most Lake County roads. The ordinance states that you can ride 25 mph, single file to the right side on dirt roads and to the right side of the pavement on paved roads (All four wheels on…
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Welcome to ATV & Snowmobile Rentals, LLC

ATV & Snowmobile Rentals, LLC rents on-site; Can Am, Honda, and Yamaha ATV's too. You will have a ball! These are the only trails in the state, that I know of, that are groomed (during the summer months) for ATV's, and you can have several days of riding without seeing the same tree time after time. Not like the Silver…
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DNR Promotes Safe and Responsible Use of Michigan’s ORV Trail System

The DNR spends approximately $1.6 million each year on the maintenance of existing designated trails. In addition, the DNR annually spends about $400,000 on restoring damage caused by illegal ORV use. "Riding ORVs off designated trails and roads on public lands is illegal and can seriously damage the environment," Kubisiak said. "Riding through streams and wetlands can tear up…
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